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Pregabalin is an anticonvulsant anti-epileptic drug. It works by slowing down pulses that cause convulsions in the brain. Pregabalin also affects chemicals in the brain that send nervous system pain signals. Pregabalin is offered every day in a capsule form. It is taken two times a day by some and three times by others. It is dependent upon the seriousness of the pain. It can be taken with food or with a vacuum. 

The dosage depends on the patient's weight, his health concerns and other medications he or she takes, and how often he/she has pain and pain. In general, it is given a low dose of Pregabalin and then gradually increased under close doctor's supervision. It is a good idea to record the level of pain every day. This is a great reference to help the physician determine the right level of the medication.


  • In patients with diabetes, herpes zoster, or post-herpetic spinal cord injury, Pregabalin is used to treat pain due to fibromyalgia or nerve pain.
  • In adults and children with a minimum of 1 month of age, pregabalin is additionally used with other medications to treat partial-onset seizures.
  • For the purposes not listed in this drug guide, Pregabalin can also be used.
  • Pregabalin 75 Capsule is used to treat lasting (chronic) pain from diabetes, shingles, or backbone damage. 
  • It reduces pain and associated symptoms such as changes in mood, sleep, and fatigue. 
  • It is supposed to work by interfering with pain signals passing through the damaged brain and nerves.

How Does This Work?

  • Antiepileptic medication is Pregalin 75 Capsule.
  • When it is given for epilepsy, the abnormal electrical activity in the brain is supposed to work by reducing seizures. 
  • It is also used to treat nerve and muscle pain, where the pain is blocked through the damaged nerves and brain by interference with pain signals.

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